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Alcohol Detox Houston, TX

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Why Alcohol Detox?

The detox phase is the first step to sobriety and recovery. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most difficult. Many who suffer from alcohol addiction avoid rehab and detox because they fear experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Fortunately, United Memorial Medical Center offers a different approach to alcohol detox.

Alcohol addiction rehab houston

Alcohol Addiction and Detox in Houston

Our rehab center is an accredited full-service hospital specializing in rapid detoxification methods of opiates, alcohol, and other drugs. Through the use of anesthesia sedation, we help patients detox quickly and safely without experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms.

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What is United Memorial Medical Center’s (UMMC) approach to alcohol detox?

The United Memorial Medical Center in Houston employs one of the fastest, most effective alcohol detoxification protocols. Similar to the RAND (rapid anesthesia narcotic detox) method for narcotic and opioid addiction, rapid alcohol detox also utilizes anesthesia and anti-craving drugs.

With these pharmaceuticals, the body is completely purged of alcohol and its effects while the patient is comfortably sedated under general anesthesia.

We believe that detox should be as fast and painless as possible while still protecting our patients’ safety.

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What is the rapid method for alcohol detoxification?

This method minimizes the pain and other withdrawal symptoms associated with detox. As the name suggests, the rapid alcohol detox method helps patients complete the detox process much faster than traditional detox methods.

In traditional alcohol rehab settings, detox takes days or weeks and is extremely difficult both mentally and physically. With rapid detox, most of the detox process is completed in hours while the patient is under anesthesia sedation.

In addition to anesthesia, narcotic antagonists are administered through an IV to speed up the detox process and help end the body’s craving for alcohol.

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What are narcotic/opioid antagonists and why are they effective?

Narcotic antagonists or opioid antagonists are drugs that block the effects of alcohol and opioid drugs in the brain. The detox process begins as soon as the drugs take effect.

These drugs are what make rapid detox rapid. Along with anesthesia, these drugs help patients avoid much of the dreaded withdrawal stage.

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How is rapid detox more effective than other alcohol addiction treatments?

Most detox methods require an uncomfortable and even dangerous withdrawal period. Consequently, many patients relapse during this phase or even avoid detox and addiction treatment altogether. When these traditional methods fail, rapid detox helps these patients achieve detox and sobriety.

Because opioid antagonists help rid the body of chemical dependency, rapid detox is also less likely to result in relapse. However, it’s still important for patients to seek professional addiction help after detox is complete.

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Is rapid alcohol detox safe?

When performed in an appropriate setting with qualified medical staff, rapid detox methods are safe and effective. Our patients undergo detox in our accredited hospital facility under the close care of an expert medical team.

Alcohol Detox Houston

How is my safety protected during rapid detox at UMMC?

Our team includes expert anesthesiologists, intensivists, doctors, and addiction specialists to keep you safe during detox. Patients are thoroughly assessed before treatment to ensure that we are aware of any medical conditions that could affect your detox process. Your detox protocol is based on your unique health and history of alcohol addiction. Before detox begins, your treatment plan is reviewed and approved by the medical director.

Throughout treatment, you will be constantly and closely monitored. Unlike some other outpatient detox centers, our facility is an accredited full-service hospital facility. A team of doctors and other medical experts as well as any necessary medical equipment are close at hand.

After treatment, you will remain at the facility for one to two days to ensure that your body is responding well. Our after care protocols are personalized according to each patient’s needs. Once a patient’s detox is complete, we encourage them to seek the help of other addiction specialists and organizations to help prevent relapse.

If you’ve struggled to find success with other detox and addiction treatment methods, you may be a candidate for rapid alcohol detox. To learn more, contact us at 1-866-Detox-Me.