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Houston Detox Center

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Don’t get in the habit of “just one more”, a detox center can help curb your addiction and keep your life moving forward. Find your sobriety and find your way.

Addiction has a way of keeping you stuck in one place. It stops your growth, and it drains your will to move forward. If you are struggling against addiction, UMMC’s Houston detox center can help you get moving again.

Don’t let your addiction define you — if you found your way in, you know there’s a road out. We’re here to help you discover that path to sobriety and regain your self. With a reliable rapid detox center and detox program, our goal is to help people overcome their struggles through a detoxification method that significantly reduces the risks associated with withdrawal and more outdated methods.

Get Sober & Get Moving

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Find The Problem, Find Your Solution

One of the biggest hurdles in facing addiction is recognizing when addiction has taken hold. Whether it’s hard to see or admit to, coming forward and accepting that you struggle is a major first step. After all, it’s incredibly difficult to find a solution when you don’t know the problem. Of course, that’s never easy. Turning to others for help can be challenging for any person, we all want to believe that we’re full of personal agency, but you don’t have to face this struggle alone.

We also understand that people working through addiction might not always be able to see it themselves, but the people around them can see it all perfectly clear. While it comes down to the person in question making final decisions, our detox center is also open to provide information and intermediary discussion to family and friends of people struggling with addiction.

This is the hardest step, so let us help you take it.

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Rapid Detox, Rapid Relief

We offer people the safest and most efficient road to sobriety available. While a majority of detox centers and programs rely on outdated methods, we’re pursuing a controlled pharmaceutical detox process designed to completely eliminate withdrawal.

By cleansing and detoxifying the receptors responsible for the chemical component of patients currently addicted to any given substance, we’re able to see better results and more people finding sobriety.

For many, the prospect of withdrawal, or the costly and long term inpatient therapy process for addressing addiction, can be daunting. Sometimes to the point that people suffering from addiction believe rehab or detox centers aren’t an option. UMMC wants to change that outlook by offering fast, safe, and reliable options for people seeking relief from addiction.