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Medical Detox Houston, TX

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Find Recovery through Medical Detox

The longer someone uses an addictive substance, the harder it is to quit. At a certain point, the process of overcoming addiction can feel nearly impossible to do alone. With the help of trained professionals, you can pursue a detoxification process that offers a much higher chance of overcoming addiction. With staff trained not only to offer the best in medical care throughout the procedure, we also employ addiction specialists that may offer guidance leading up to and after your procedure.

UMMC Rapid Detox Center is dedicated to helping patients make their way through this exact process. With our team of experienced doctors and addiction specialists, we can help quickly and safely guide you or someone you know through their struggles with addiction. In conjunction with our medical detox program, we aim to give those recovering from addiction the best shot at success.

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What is Medical Detox?

Medical detox is an essential first step in drug or alcohol addiction treatment. In the case of medical detox, it is often a necessary option for someone that may be unable to go through a traditional detoxification process. Most commonly, patients have difficulties avoiding relapse because of withdrawal symptoms that can be extremely uncomfortable or even dangerous. This is true for patients whose addiction has reached extreme levels, or for those that consume increasing quantities of a substance.

This treatment typically involves a procedure at a detox center, attended by medical professionals who will aid in the elimination of addictive substances from the patient’s body. Conducted in a controlled operating room environment, the medical staff will help patients through both the detoxification process and the withdrawal symptoms. For some, the setting and presence of professionals can ease the fears of facing withdrawal. With the support of our world class medical team, families and patients can begin to move forward.

At UMMC, we further ease the withdrawal symptoms with our RAND method, which involves a controlled anesthesia and detoxification process. The chemical detox process removes the addictive substances from a patient’s body, while the anesthesia component reduces or eliminates the experience of withdrawal symptoms.

This is effective both for physical and psychological reasons. Removing the chemicals resolves the physical dependency developed by regular use which helps patients bypass intense withdrawal symptoms they would normally experience in a traditional rehab facility. In terms of the psychological benefits, there’s a comfort in avoiding those same intense withdrawal symptoms while surrounded by medical professionals. In many cases the first step to overcoming addiction can be the most challenging specifically because of this psychological barrier people build along the way.

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Receiving Medical Detox at UMMC Rapid Detox Center

Our rapid medical detox treatment is an excellent alternative to traditional methods of addiction detoxification. After completing the RAND treatment over the course of a few hours, and the aftercare recovery period, you will be able to pursue further and more complete treatment without fear of the chemical dependency getting in your way. Our process takes place much quicker than you might be able to achieve on your own through traditional detox methods.

Such a rapid detox process may be preferable as you can quickly move on from this first step and continue further along in your journey to recovery and freedom from addiction. In addition, the rapid nature of our treatment process means that we can house more patients than traditional inpatient rehab centers. As traditional rehab centers rely on long term inpatient stays, they typically fill up and may have a waiting list for those interested in seeking help. UMMC’s process is considerably shorter, with a few hours for the procedure, and as few as a couple days of aftercare.

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Find the Help You Need

Dealing with addiction and attempting to break free of dependency is a difficult process to handle alone. The UMMC Rapid Detox Center is here to help patients safely and effectively overcome addiction through medical detox. If you or someone you know is struggling against addiction, reach out to us today. We can talk to you in more detail about our process, discuss continuing treatment resources after detox, and help you find the answers you need.

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