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Opiate Detox Houston, TX

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Opiate Addiction and Detox in Houston

At the United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, we treat addiction to both illicit and prescription opiates. Our opiate detox center is an accredited full-service hospital specializing in rapid detoxification methods. We help our patients detox safely and quickly without experiencing strong withdrawal symptoms.

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What is the Texas Rapid Detox Center approach to opiate detox?

The United Memorial Medical Center in Houston employs one of the fastest, most effective opioid detoxification protocols. This method is known as rapid opiate detoxification (ROD) or the RAND (rapid anesthesia narcotic detox) method. Through the use of pharmaceuticals, the body is completely purged of opioids, and patients are comfortably sedated through the detox stage.

Our goal is to help our patients achieve detoxification as quickly and painlessly as possible and achieve long-lasting freedom from opiate addiction.

Unlike many rehab centers, our facility focuses solely on the detox portion of rehabilitation. Once our patients achieve detox, we help them connect with other addiction specialists and organizations to remain addiction-free.

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What is the RAND method for opiate detoxification?

The RAND (rapid anesthesia narcotic detox) or ROD (rapid opioid detoxification) method is a method of detoxification that aims to minimize the pain and time associated with other opioid detox methods.

As the name suggests, rapid anesthesia detoxification involves the use of anesthesia to help patients avoid the pain and stress of traditional detox.

In addition to anesthesia, narcotic antagonists are used to speed up the detox process and help end the body’s craving for opioid drugs.

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What are narcotic/opiate antagonists and why are they effective?

Narcotic antagonists or opioid antagonists are drugs that block the effects of opioid drugs in the brain. The drugs are administered through an IV while the patient is under general anesthesia. As the drugs begin to block opioid receptors in the brain, the detox process begins.

Opioid antagonists allow the body to complete the detox process much more quickly than it would on its own. Combined with the use of anesthesia, opioid antagonists allow patients to avoid severe withdrawal symptoms.

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How is the RAND method different than other detox and addiction treatment methods?

Traditional opioid addiction treatment often utilizes opioid agonists to prevent painful withdrawal. With this method, patients are given opioid or opioid-mimicking drugs to satisfy the body’s craving for opiates without the euphoric side effects or “high” of the abused drug. With this method, patients remain in an addicted, opioid-dependent state.

The RAND method works differently, making it less likely that a patient will relapse. Opioid antagonists help rid the body of its dependency on opioid drugs, bringing it closer to a pre-addiction state.

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What role do sedatives play in the RAND method?

During rapid detox, anesthesia sedation is used to help patients avoid severe withdrawal symptoms. Patients are kept sedated and comfortable while being closely monitored by a team of medical professionals.

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How is the RAND method more effective than other opiate addiction treatments?

First, the RAND method is more effective because more patients are willing to undergo treatment. Most opiod-detox methods involve a painful and prolonged withdrawal period. Consequently, many patients are hesitant or fearful of seeking treatment, even if they want to break their addiction. The RAND method, however, allows patients to bypass the pain and discomfort of withdrawal symptoms.

Secondly, the RAND method is less likely to result in relapse. Opioid antagonists eliminate the chemical component of opiate addiction, meaning patients are less likely to experience withdrawal and cravings after detox is complete.

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Is the RAND method of opiate detox safe?

When performed in an appropriate setting with qualified medical staff, rapid detox methods are safe and effective. Our patients undergo detox in our accredited hospital facility under the close care of an expert medical team.

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How is my safety protected during rapid detox at UMMC?

Our team includes expert anesthesiologists, intensivists, doctors, and addiction specialists to keep you safe during detox. Patients are thoroughly assessed before treatment to ensure that we are aware of any medical conditions that could affect your detox process. Your detox protocol is based on your unique health and history of opiate addiction. Before detox begins, your treatment plan is reviewed and approved by the medical director.

Throughout treatment, you will be constantly and closely monitored. Unlike some other outpatient detox centers, our facility is an accredited full-service hospital facility. A team of doctors and other medical experts as well as any necessary medical equipment are close at hand.

After treatment, you will remain at the facility for one to two days to ensure that your body is responding well. Our after care protocols are personalized according to each patient’s needs. After our patients return home, we encourage them to seek the help of other professionals and organizations to help them avoid relapse.

If you’ve struggled to find success with other detox and addiction treatment methods, you may be a candidate for rapid opiate detox through the RAND method. To learn more, contact us at 281-324-8069.