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Rapid Drug Rehabilitation in Houston

As one of the most common methods for dealing with drug addiction, rehab has become a staple in the treatment process for many people struggling against addiction. While rehab offers an extended time to work through addiction, facing both the physical and mental hurdles of overcoming a habit, it does present several issues. Mainly time and the risk of relapse due to withdrawal.

As part of the overall drug rehabilitation process, UMMC uses the RAND method as a means of safely and quickly detoxifying patients looking to overcome their addiction. Our rapid detox process allows us to eliminate the presence of opioids in a patient’s system during a brief period of general anesthesia, followed by a couple days of aftercare to ensure that patients’ bodies are readjusting properly after the opioids have been removed.

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Houston Rehab Center

While not the same as traditional rehab, the detoxification process we use offers patients the ability to move through the withdrawal symptoms under the effects of anesthesia. This significantly reduces the impact or fear of withdrawal, which is a common issue many face when attempting to tackle their addiction. In concert with proper therapeutic and medical support, UMMC’s rapid detox program can help patients overcome one of the most difficult steps of addiction recovery, leading to a higher chance of success in moving forward after addiction.

At UMMC’s detoxification and rehabilitation center, we treat patients in a full, clinical operating room environment. The use of anesthesia to counteract the withdrawal symptoms and support the opioid flush is carried out by medical professionals with years of experience treating and caring for patients in different stages of addiction.

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rehab houston tx

Our Rehab Program and Addiction Recovery

Rather than a traditional rehab program with a long inpatient stay, UMMC’s process focuses strictly on the detoxification aspect of recovery. We believe that opioid addiction and recovery from such an addiction is a long process that requires support from a number of personal and professional people in a patient’s life.

We support a multidisciplinary approach to resolving the crisis of addiction both in our community and for individuals that come to us seeking treatment.

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Specialized Rehab Center

In many cases, patients believe that detoxification is the first and final step in recovery. However, it’s important to note that while we’re able to help treat the chemical component of dependence in a strict sense of opioid and drug addiction, that we understand and recognize the psychological component that is also occasionally responsible for enabling addiction in a person’s life.

Serving in a hospital setting, our detoxification center is primarily focused on the operating room where the procedure takes place and recovery or after care, where the majority of patients will spend an average of two or three days being monitored to ensure that their bodies are recovering at a healthy pace.

Our specialized process revolves around understanding an individual patient’s needs and then crafting a detox formula and plan specific to them. As such, we’re able to offer detoxification for a wide range of addictions to different drugs. We consider this tailored approach the first step on the road to recovery for patients, and we encourage people to seek out and maintain healthy relationships with other professional services dedicated to preventing relapse.

rehab center houston tx

Working Towards the Future

UMMC is invested in tackling addiction on a large and small scale. If you or someone you know is having trouble breaking their habit, our detoxification program may be able to help. Reach out today and learn more about our process.

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